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About the course

This class will emphasize how to create dashboards and reports in today’s project environments. Data is a critical part of making smart business decisions, so obtaining the data to make those decisions is essential. Visibility and insight are two critical factors that managers and leaders across projects, programs, portfolios (PPP), and PMOs need to make critical and timely decisions. When the required information is available, it empowers people to inform and guide key stakeholders to achieve results.

No matter the position or level of a person in a PMO targeted dashboards that provide qualitative and quantitative data aligned with organizational strategy help identify risks, recognize bottlenecks, and support in evaluating performance at all levels of the organization. With role-based dashboards, the information key stakeholders need is right at their fingertips and can be custom-designed in a way that matches the requirements of the decision-maker.

This course is designed to help decision-makers across PMOs understand the benefits of dashboards, determine the KPIs for dashboards created for different levels of PMO roles on how to keep enhancing them to match stakeholder requirements and impact success.

Course objectives:

Who is the course for?

This course is for emerging project managers, as well as anyone who is involved in or affected by projects. Potential students include project managers, project coordinators, team leaders, functional managers, program managers, stakeholders, analysts, and senior managers in any industry. This course aims to take project managers where they are today to a whole new level of expertise in dashboard and reporting.

  • Project and program management professionals
  • Consultants (involved in projects and/or organizational change)
  • IT professionals who are responsible for designing, building, and enhancing dashboards across the organization
  • PMO managers and team members, portfolio managers, and senior management
  • Anyone responsible for analysis, reporting, and decision making across projects, programs, and portfolios.


Students will need to load up PowerBI desktop on their local machines. If not, it will slow down the class progressions, so it is excepted that PowerBI desktop is loaded prior to class start. Please obtain the free software from the Microsoft Windows store.


Students will be hands on in PowerBI by starting with example projects and reports that they can build and expand on in the future. 

Class files will be provided at the time of the class and available for download. 

By the end of the class, students will be prepared to setup PowerBI, understand dashboards, understand some basic metrics for PMO types, create dashboards and be comfortable in the Power BI environment. 

Let’s look now at more details per module:

  • Get PowerBI setup on your desktops if not already completed prior to the class.
  • Get the class files, unzip files and get students ready to learn.
  • Look around Power BI desktop, get comfortable with environment.
  • What is the benefit of PPP and PMO Dashboards?
  • Overview of Dashboard Reporting
  • Role-based Dashboards
  • Common Challenges in PPP and PMO Dashboards
  • Understanding the audience and determining their requirements for Dashboards
  • PMO Metrics
  • Different Metrics for different PMOs
  • PMO Metrics Examples
  • PMO Metric Templates
  • Introduction to Data Modeling
  • Data Modeling Examples
  • Data Modeling in the Tool
  • Introduction
  • Step-by-Step Process
  • Collect, Prepare, Consume, Shape, Visualize, Share, Consume, Refresh process
  • Explore the tool
  • PMO Dashboards Data Sources
  • Building the Dashboards (MS Project → Excel → PowerBI)
  • Simple Data Load Example and Exercise
  • Complex Data Load Example and Exercise
  • Publishing to PowerBI
  • Publishing Best Practices
  • PowerBI.com Review
  • Loading existing dashboards and updating dashboards
  • Course Recap
  • Course Takeaways

Meet your instructor!


Bill Dow, PMP is a recognized expert in Project Management by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for specifically developing and managing Project Management Offices (PMOs.)  His extensive experience with Project Management and PMOs have enabled him to co-author several comprehensive books available through Amazon.com.

Bill has taught at the college level for more than 15 years in Washington State, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada, and has worked at Microsoft for more than 14 years.  Bill is now the PMO Director at the University of Washington Medical. He has spoken at multiple Project Management Institute (PMI) conferences, breakfasts and events nationally.  Projectmanagement.com and projecttimes.com host numerous articles by Bill.

As a PMP and subject matter expert, Bill is available to author white papers, articles and blog posts on specific topics relating to the trends within Project Management. He is also poised to deliver training, however basic or complex, that make practices immediately applicable to audiences that may be just beginning or those having lengthy experience in Project Management methods.

Contact Bill for more information on how he can support your organization either through delivering training, consulting with your project management experts or speaking at your next event.

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