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ACMP’s Standard is Method Neutral and Includes:

  • A definition of practices, processes, tasks and activities for Change Management without tools or templates
  • Guidance for organizational change management, for any type of change
  • Generally accepted practices and processes used by practitioners across industries, organizations and roles

ABOUT THE CCMP™ Certification

The CCMP™ is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works. The CCMP™ was developed based on ACMP’s industry-leading Standard for Change Management© (“the Standard”) that defines best practices in change management. The CCMP™ is a way for professionals to demonstrate their investment in ongoing development while successfully applying their experience to respond to a breadth of change management situations.

Benefits of Becoming Certified

  • Your knowledge and experience impartially validated
  • Evidences your familiarity with the Standard for Change Management©
  • Enhances career prospects and gives you an edge in competitive situations
  • Grants credential developed against ISO and ANSI standards
  • Demonstrates your commitment to personal career growth and professional development in the domain 


The Certified Change Agent program meets the educational requirements needed to achieve CCMP™

We are very pleased to bring this program to the MENA region, through Capillary Learning, who have this program recognized by world class professional organizations.


9th December – 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm AST
10th December – 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm AST
13th – 17th December – 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm AST

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Regular Fee: 1200 US$
Register & Pay by 15th November: 1000 US$
Group Discounts: 2 + Participants 20%


ABOUT THE Certified Change Agent Program

To successfully become a Certified Change Agent (CCA), you must attend the 3-day workshop, pass the examination and pass the written submission.

Program Objectives:

  • Understand how change effects people and appreciate their reactions;
  • Understand a number of approaches to change and change management;
  • Gain insight, tools and techniques to be a successful change

Who should become a Certified Change Agent?

This program will be particularly beneficial for those who have recently been asked to undertake a change agent role as part of their normal duties or need to develop a culture of change readiness within their organization.

Project Managers; Business Analysts; HR Business Partners; Operational Managers; HR Managers; Project Directors; Business Leads; Process Managers; Product Leads; Learning & Development Managers; Organizational Trainers


Completing the 3 day workshop

(See Detailed Agenda Below)


At the end of day 3 you will sit a supervised examination that tests your knowledge of the workshop content. You will need to accurately answer at least 70% of the 60 questions within a 60 minute timeframe. This is a closed book examination.

PART 3: The Written Submission

When you have passed the examination, you must submit a written paper of approx. 3000 words, demonstrating the application of your change agent knowledge to a change event. We recommend this is done within 125 days of passing the examination


meet your instructor: Rich Batchelor

Richard has been delivering successful change for 25 years. He has built a successful international consulting business focusing on organizational effectiveness, strategic change and people centric transformations across a wide portfolio of diverse global businesses. He has delivered $100million+ additional value to  organizations,  ranging  from 10 to 100,000+ employees.

Richard has a masters’ in change management and is a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals. He is certificated in Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt), Operational Excellence, Design for Six Sigma, Human Resources, Project Management, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Counselling.

He enthusiastically promotes the adoption, inclusion and understanding of change management and regularly shares his knowledge and experience through speaking engagements, learning events and facilitated discussion on the topic close to his heart – change!


About Capillary Learning

Capillary Learning is focused on maximizing human potential by offering a portfolio of competency enhancing experiences that develop change delivery, organizational development, leadership, and strategy execution skills. We are a Qualified Education provider for the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute (PMI).

We have been training and facilitating learning for over 10 years. We have delivered workshops across the globe, primarily in North America, Europe, Middle East, India and South East Asia. Rich Batchelor brings over 25 years experience in the change arena with countless examples of successful change interwoven in his delivery and works with the latest technology and learning best practices to make every experience engaging with knowledge that truly sticks.

Capillary Learning is proud to offer several globally recognized qualifications with our flagship Certified Change Agent now having almost 500 students. It is internationally recognized as a change management credential and provides an approved access point to achieve the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) credential.

“This course was everything and more about change and makes me think about the people who are affected by a change in every aspect of a project. Rich is a wealth of knowledge and shares from his experience…. AWESOME course!”

“I would highly recommend this learning experience as it provided in depth content of change and change management. I feel more confident in my abilities to effectively lead my organization through the process of change.”

“I think all project managers need to attend this learning experience as it explains where Change Agents fit in the organization and project and why, who Change Agents can be and how to understand the human factor with regards to people change in their projects.”


9th December – 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm
10th December – 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm
13th – 17th December – 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

register now

Regular Fee: 1200 US$
Register & Pay by 15th November: 1000 US$
Group Discounts: 2 + Participants 20%

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