Certified OKR Professional (COKRP®)

This advanced training course will provide a strong foundation in Objectives & Key Results (OKR), targets, OKR alignment, and OKR reporting  knowledge

Training Overview

  • This practical online course will provide participants with a good understanding of the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) strategy management methodology.
  • At the end of the online course, participants will be ready to develop and implement an effective OKRs within the organization.
  • OKR is a lightweight management tool for setting company objectives, aligning everyone towards the same key results while directing  team initiatives and activities.
  • Over the last two decades the OKR strategy management methodology has become one of the best tools for many of the world’s leading businesses like Google and Amazon.

The big difference that OKRs have from traditional planning methods:

  1. OKRs are frequently set, tracked, and re-evaluated.
  2. OKR is a simple, fast-paced process that engages each team’s creativity.
  3. OKR exists to create alignment and to set the rhythm for the organization.

Having an OKR process is becoming increasingly critical in today’s innovative and agile environment. For this reason, this course fills the gap by introducing most common OKR pitfalls that could help strategic planning and performance professionals to avoid them and do their job more effectively.


Anyone who is involved in OKRs, strategy planning, staff level, HR team, managers, team leaders, directors, statistics team, and strategists!

Course Outline


  • Strategy Frameworks
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Management
  • OKR Main Components
  • OKR Main Benefits & Types
  • OKR Process & Guidelines
  • OKR Common Pitfalls
  • OKR Culture & Rhythm


  • OKR & Employees Alignment
  • Leadership & Communication
  • OKR Execution
  • OKR Report Introduction
  • OKR Reporting Frequency
  • OKR Scoring
  • OKR Reporting Process
  • Reporting IT System
  • OKR Review Meeting
  • Reporting IT System
  • Kippy Cloud System
  • OKR Terminology


  • “KPI Mega Library” Phone APP with 36,000 KPIs
  • Kippy Cloud system (for one year)
  • 2 OKR templates with dashboards
  • Projects template with dashboards (Excel)
  • HR appraisal template with individual KPIs (Excel)
  • Quarterly performance review meeting template
  • Strategy & OKR Terminologies for future use (PDF)
  • Kaizen Initiative Template and process (Excel)
  • “Strategy Planning & Execution From A to Z” Book

Certified OKR Professional (COKRP®) Exam

Certification Process:

1.Take “Certified OKR Professional” course

2.Take the examination online

Certification Exam:

Exam Time is 60 Minutes for 34 questions. You need to answer min. of 24 questions correctly to pass this exam (or 70%)

If you pass the test, please click the button after the test to download your certificate first for you in PDF format, save it to your computer, and print it later. (We will send it to you too)

If your score is below the 70%, it is possible to take the test again (two more attempts are allowed) within only 7 days.



  • Dr. Rachad Baroudi is is a leading international consultant in the USA, Canada, and the Gulf region with 29 years experience (8 years in USA, 8 years in Canada, and 13 years in GCC) in policy development, strategic planning, and performance management.
  • He holds a PhD focused on “Strategic Planning: Critical Factors for Successful Implementation“. In addition, he has MBA with high honors from University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. He is a Magna Cum Laude holder and Beta Gamma Sigma honoree.
  • In the USA, he worked with the private sector as a consultant for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Institute and as a chief auditor for Holiday Inn Corporation, followed by aerospace industry, where he worked for world-leaders in this field, Aeroquip Corporation and Array Systems.
  • In Canada, he worked with Honda of Canada Manufacturing for eight years by refining their planning and performance capabilities. Also, he helped developing short- and long-term strategic plans for Honda of North America and was an active participant in cascading these plans by using Balanced Scorecards methodology.
  • In the MENA region, he worked as MENA strategy advisory executive director at Ernst and Young were he assisted more than 100 public and private organizations in developing their strategic plans and performance management frameworks. He worked as a senior advisor for central governments including Saudi Arabia (vision 2030), Abu Dhabi Executive Council (vision 2030), Muscat Oman (vision 2040), and Ajman Executive Council (vision 2021). Also, he worked in the organization development field with nationally-owned oil and gas corporations.
  • He worked on multiple policy-making projects in public-sector such as KSA 2030 Vision, Public Social Agenda, Government 2030 ICT Strategy, Government Performance Management System, Government 2030 Policy Agenda, Government Strategic Reform Framework, and Public Strategy-Budget Alignment.


  • Strategic Planning & Policy Development: Develop strategic plans and policies for public and private organizations | Study and propose new corporate Vision, Mission, and Value Statement | Recommend changes to short-term, and long-term strategic plans | Recommend appropriate measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Performance Management: Expert in best practices used for monitoring and evaluating government performance | Develop mechanism for key performance indicators to ensure consistency in the measurement methodology | Build Balanced Scorecards and other management tools used to track performance | Develop processes and analytical models to analyze and identify causes for variances in the performance | Expert in performance software used in market place (Advantages and disadvantages) | Analyze issues affecting the organization’s performance to ensure management’s objectives of efficiency and effectiveness are met
  • Manpower Planning: Prepared manpower cost-down/quality strategies to management | Conduct short and long-term manpower forecasts that enforce approved business plans | Optimize business productivity and efficiency while ensuring a balanced and valid resource level | Identify HR-related issues and recommended solutions to senior managers | Improve corporate HR processes, procedures, and policies
  • Audit and Quality Control: Audit ISO (9001) internal related processes and issued non-compliance notices | Enforce ISO internal corrective actions and monitored counter KPIs implementations | Expert in Information Systems Audit (CISA certified) | Financial Audit of internal financial processes and cost centers / accounts
  • Business Consultancy: Assist clients in writing and improving their business plans and feasibility studies | Help clients in planning and conducting surveys and market studies | Prepare statistical analysis on various industries and products.
  • Technology Experience: PeopleSoft ERP (HRMS 7.5 & 8.0) | Oracle ERP (HRMS) | Business Intelligence | Database systems analysis/ design | Websites Design
  • Organization Development: Designed new Organization Charts (divisions, depts., sections, and branches) | Recommend Organization Development (OD) intervention initiatives, change management/strategies, and techniques to build organizational alignment | Study the Organization’s philosophy, strategy and the effect of new technology on the structures, which govern critical processes and guide strategic policies.