Governance is how to control management. It is an ongoing process of decision making that sets rules (Policy), Checks the rules are being followed AND check that desired business goals are being delivered.

Understanding what governance is and how to apply it is essential for all leaders and managers. PMO managers, senior executives, Directors and Program and Project managers should all have a strong interest and common understanding of how the organization maintains effective decision making.

Poor governance is recognized as a significant cause of project delay and even failure. Understanding the principles of good governance is easy with a little guidance and leads to developing the critical skills required to apply a governance framework to your organization’s particular culture and needs.

This course ensures you have the knowledge to establish effective project, program and portfolio governance. The course is focussed on “How-To” by taking you through the steps to build a Governance Management Plan and an Implementation schedule to add governance to, and refine governance in your management controls.

  • Build a complete understanding of project, program and portfolio governance using principles and techniques proven to work across multiple business sectors. 
  • Learn how to ensure effective decision making in your organization’s projects and programmes.
  • Learn how to establish effective governance for your projects, programmes and portfolios. 
  • Understand the principles that underpin effective governance.
  • Develop governance arrangements that provide senior executives with visibility and control.
  • Design governance frameworks that clarify who makes what decisions.
  • Scale governance mechanisms to suit projects with different risk profiles.
  • Build a Governance framework tailored for effective decision making in your organization.
  • Project and Programme Directors and Managers
  • Portfolio Office Managers
  • Project Owners, Project Executives, SROs
  • PMO and P3O professionals
  • Senior Executives
  • Anyone with authority over goal setting and resource allocations or who needs to understand project decision making
  • Learn when, why and HOW to apply governance to those who are managing the portfolio of organisational activity that includes Programs and Projects
  • As a manager learn how to use governance structures to secure timely allocation of resources and get necessary decision made
  • Build and take-away a model of the information flows, their content and triggers by which decision processes could be run in your organisation and against which auditing should be applied
  • Upon completion of the course you will be able to build and operate (or evaluate to confirm or enhance) a governance structure suited to any scale of organisation in any industry 

Detailed Course Outline

1 Governance of Portfolio Program and Project

  • Hello Introduction exercises and Wants(Targets)
  • What are Portfolio Program Project?
  • What is Governance?
  • Leadership and Management Exercise

2 What And Why and When and Who (Not How)

  • Good Governance Is ‘Worth It’ (Benefits – Cost = Value)? & Exercise
  • How Do You Do Governance? Helicopter View
  • Who – The Roles & When – Timings
  • Gates for Predictive and Agile Development
  • Benefits Exercise

3 How-To: Actions and Artefacts Techniques and Tools

  • Cascade of EEF and Intent to Project plan
  • From Qualification (Idea) To Sanction (Committed Approval)
  • Decision Support Exercise
  • Status Reporting
  • Benefits Entry Tests
  • Exercise: Governance Roll-Out Actions

4 Practitioner What to do to do Governance Roll-Out (and How)

  • Evaluate Current Governance Maturity
  • Envision and Build Future Governance Capability
  • PMO Services Connect Decision Makers & Information Flows
  • Preparing Conducting and Following up Decision-making Sessions
  • Politics Of ‘Chats’ Before And Outside The Meeting
  • Exercise: Governance Plan Table of Contents

5 Known Steps in Known Frameworks

  • Lifecycle Selection
  • Enterprise via Cobit-2019 Framework
  • Three In-House Industry Examples (and a Video for off-line exploration)
  • A Framework from Oil & Gas
  • A Framework and Tool to explore from a Global Not-For-Profit (UN-FAO)

6 Wrap-up

  • Exercise: Reflections & Your Targets


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