In-House Training Solutions

Why Choose Our In-House Solutions

As an in-house professional development solutions provider, we focus on creating a learning experience that is unique yet customized to your organizational environment.

Not only you get an unmatched learning experience to fit your unique business model but we go the extra mile by offering an in-depth technical training needs analysis for your key stakeholders and teams across projects, programs, portfolios, and PMOs.



Get tailor-made solutions for your employees’ specific needs that are aligned to your unique business model to maximize the learning outputs and boost your ROI on the budget spent.

Cost Efficient


Save time, money and other resources by taking advantage of our in-house solutions since we will facilitate the travel and every logistical aspect to bring the experts from all across the world to your doorstep.



Enhance your learning experience that best suits your schedule and business season by planning your in-house solutions with IPMO Advisory MENA.

Focused Content & Confidentiality


With an in-house solution, your organization gets the course content that is specifically focused on your learning requirements. Also, delegates can openly discuss company related material as we ensure confidentiality.

Increased Alignment


Ensure organizational alignment with our solutions as they are designed to close the gap between organizational strategy and operations across projects, programs, portfolios, and PMOs.

What is Our Process?


At IPMO Advisory MENA we start with Why? Once we have the why, the other pieces of the puzzle come together.

Our methodology is aligned with global learning standards, and we engage in the following steps in order to execute an unmatched learning experience for your organization:

  • Training Needs Analysis and Identification
  • Definition of Learning Objectives
  • Drafting and Development of a tailored Training Program
  • Learning Assessment—Reporting for Learning and Development (L&D) teams and Divisional managers
  • Evaluation and Optimization
  • Certification (Where applicable)

Need assistance in formulating your training needs?

Contact our Professional Development Advisory Director to guide you through the process.

Khoren Nalbandyan

Head-Professional Development Advisory

Mobile: +41 78 810 3581
Phone: +41 44 585 2775