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LIVE VIRTUAL COURSE                                  6-9 PM ARABIAN STANDARD TIME  

Benefits Realisation Management is a means for Organizations to Measure how Strategic Programmes and Projects Deliver Business Value.

This course offers Practical Approaches and Tools on the Concepts and Techniques for Integrating Business Benefits Management Practices with Project Management.

  • Delegates will Learn and Review the Definitions, Scope and Objectives of Business Benefits Management, and the Key Success Characteristics
  • In addition, the Programme allows Delegates to Analyze how Business Benefits Realisation is achieved by deploying Industry-Recognized Management Techniques of Programmes, Projects, and Project Portfolios, supported by the PMO Function
  • Explore the approach to Business Benefits Management through Programmes and Projects
  • Understand how to Relate the Business Case to Business Benefits
  • Determine how to launch Organisational Initiatives, Programmes and Projects
  • Support Initiatives with Project Portfolio Management and PMO
  • Learn how to Differentiate between business KPIs and project KPIs
  • Establish a Benefits Management Chart
  • Plan and Prepare for Organisational Readiness
  • Plan to Perform Project Transition and Handover
  • Learn how to Measure the Realisation of Business Benefits
  • Introductions, Objectives and Agenda
  • Organisational Challenges & The Approach To Business Benefits Realisation
  • Overview of the Benefits Management Lifecycle
  • The Business Case
  • Position Programmes As Agents Of Benefits Enablers
  • Project Portfolio Management & the PMO
  • The Benefits Map
  • Analyse Programme Delivery Of Benefits Enablers
  • Support & Governance with Project Portfolio Management & the PMO
  • Plan And Prepare For Organisational Readiness & Transition And Handover
  • Realisation Of Business Benefits
  • Reflection and Action Planning


LIVE VIRTUAL COURSE                                    6-9 PM ARABIAN STANDARD TIME

It has been said that ‘A project is one small step for the project sponsor, one giant leap for the project manager’ – but wouldn’t we all be that much happier if that ‘giant leap’ was supported by a really professional project sponsor?

Based on the research from his book ‘Strategies for Project Sponsorship’ (Management Concepts Press) Peter Taylor, will lead this workshop to explore the current challenges of project sponsorship maturity and will deliver some techniques for creating an effective partnership with today’s project sponsors, as well as looking to the future on what could be.

The seminar will follow the theme of understanding and deploying certain strategies for delivering effective sponsorship within your organization.

It will be focused on PMO teams wanting to learn to be more effective with the sponsors they, and their project managers, work with.

Attendees will learn more about understanding the project sponsors you work with, or indeed what type of sponsor you are, and how to develop an effective working partnership between the PMO, the project managers and the project sponsors.

  • Better understand what role a sponsor should play and what good sponsorship looks like
  • Learn how to understand the project sponsor that you have and how to work effectively with them
  • Be aware of the role that you should play in developing executive sponsorship inside your organization
  • Recognize at a personal level what is needed to make the transition to project sponsor

Regardless of your experience with project sponsorship in the past this seminar will allow you to understand more from all perspectives.

  • Introductions
  • Get to know each other exercise & Objectives
  • Presentation: The State of Project Sponsorship today
  • Discussion: Thoughts about Project Sponsorship
  • Exercise in Teams: Your Sponsor world
  • Discussion: What does good Project Sponsorship look like?
  • Exercise: Picking the right Project Sponsor
  • Presentation: The Balanced Project Sponsor
  • Presentation: Changing Project Sponsorship
  • Exercise in Teams: Type of Project Sponsor (and how to deal with them)
  • Discussion: The Role of the PMO with regards to Project Sponsorship
  • Presentation: Influence Mapping and the Power Grid
  • Exercise: Using these tools in your own business
  • Discussion: Challenges with your Project Sponsors
  • Exercise: Making the Change
  • Presentation: The Project Sponsor Roadmap to Success


LIVE VIRTUAL COURSE                                  6-9 PM ARABIAN STANDARD 

Business Agility is one of the most trending topics in the world, and the Agile Portfolio, Program and Project Management practices have become more popular because there is an inherent benefit to the organization that adopts them.

PMO as a service provider needs to deliver value through building and designing services that are suited for such organizations, and this can’t be done unless the PMO Managers and staff know exactly what are the challenges and opportunities in agile environments and how to manage them to maximize the value.

The PMO has to play different roles to maximize the value it can deliver. For PMOs to support agile PPP, agile services requirements need to be gathered and services and capabilities should be particularly built and designed for an agile environment. 

  • Understanding Organizational Agility and how PMOs can support it
  • Learn how the PMO services Agile Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Understand what exactly an agile environment is and what are the principles and how to align them with your PMO principles to lead and support
  • Learn how a PMO can add value using a framework approach to building and designing PMO services for an organization using agile methods across projects, programs and portfolios
  • Identify and assess the various roles a PMO can have in an organization using agile methods and how it can use those roles to support and advise efficiently and effectively
  • Introduction
  • Agile Organization
  • PMO Services in an Agile Organization
  • Value Management in an Agile Organization
  • Transform to an Agile PMO
  • Closing and Recap



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