The ability to Achieve Organisational Goals and to Effectively Manage Strategic and Operational Missions and Initiatives is one of the most important Competencies that Organisations expect from their Executives, Managers and Employees.

  • This course positions Initiatives in the Business context and examines the Key Components needed to Achieve an Organisational Strategic and Operational Goals
  • The format of the course will provide delegates with the Knowledge, Techniques and Tools to effectively meet their Organisation’s Objectives
  • Increase their Comprehension of how best to Achieve Organisational Goals
  • Enhance their Understanding of how to Lead and Manage Organisational Initiatives, from Continual Improvement to Phased Change
  • Acquire Tools and Techniques for Planning and Implementing Solutions
  • Gain Approaches for handling Resistance
  • Explore People Management issues to achieve Effectiveness & Success
  • Position Management of Projects in the Organisation’s Strategic and Operational Management Structure

Goal-Driven Initiatives allow Organisations to identify Business Value and ensure they are investing in the Optimal Projects. Increasing Market Expectations demand that Organisations solve Business Problems and Improve Current Processes and Increase Efficiency.

Those Organisations that can raise their Profile to Benefit from Goal-Driven Objectives will allow them to identify Business Value and ensure they are investing in the Optimal Initiatives & Projects

  • Doing The Right Thing
    Focussing the Organisation in Deciding and Launching the Most Beneficial and Value-Driven Initiatives & Projects
  • Doing The Thing Right
    Directing the Organisation to be Best Skilled and Equipped to Perform to the Highest Standards on its Initiatives & Projects
  • Understand and Align their Strategic Goals & Objectives to the Organisation’s Strategic Initiatives
  • Identify the Key Approaches and Tools required to develop a “Management by Initiatives Strategy” to achieve Corporate Business Goals
  • Examine how to steer the evolution of the Organisation to focus on the effective Management of Initiatives, Programmes & Projects
  • Achieve Business Objectives by selecting the Right Initiatives & Projects for the Right Reasons
  • Implement clear priorities in a Portfolio of Initiatives & Projects and introduce a clear Staging Process within the Portfolio

Benefits Realisation Management is a means for Organisations to measure how Strategic Programmes and Projects deliver Business Value.

All Organisations face the Challenge of Change to Maintain/Sustain its Operation and pursue Avenues of Growth. Change is Implemented by Programmes and Projects requiring CAPEX or OPEX Funding that will create a new Operating Environment.

Change Success can only be Measured once the Organisation has completed the development, execution and delivery of the Programme/Project Results and the Operation functions under the new Environment. It is then that Benefits can be Realised and Value to the Organisation has been Achieved.

  • This course offers a Practical Perspective on the Concepts and Techniques for Integrating Business Benefits Management Practices with Project Management.
  • Delegates will review the Definitions, Scope and Objectives of Business Benefits Management, and the Key Success Characteristics
  • Explore the approach to Business Benefits Management through Programmes and Projects
  • Understand how to relate the Business Case to Business Benefits
  • Determine how to Launch Organisational Initiatives, Programmes and Projects
  • Learn about Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management
  • Learn how to differentiate between business KPIs and project KPIs
  • Establish a Benefits Management Chart
  • Plan and prepare for Organisational Readiness
  • Plan to perform Project Transition and Handover
  • Learn how to Measure the Realisation of Business Benefits

The Key Purpose of Organisational Objectives is to meet the Business Goals of the Enterprise. The Implementation of Organisational Objectives requires Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and the Launch of Pertinent Initiatives & Projects.

It also requires Effective Communication and Target Setting to align Business Goals with Divisional and Departmental Objectives

  • This course will deliver a solid Understanding of Converting Business Strategy to results by the Management of Initiates and Programmes
  • Delegates will Examine and Learn how to steer the Organisation to focus on the Realisation of Organisational Objectives
  • The format of the course provides the Techniques and Tools to effectively Implement Programmes & Projects that are Aligned to the Organisation’s Business Benefits
  • Identify the Key Approaches and Tools required to set Organisational Objectives to achieve Business Goals
  • Gain knowledge on How to Establish Strategic Plans and Launch the Appropriate Initiatives & Projects
  • Explore Practical Techniques to Formulate and Achieve Business Benefits
  • Examine and Learn how to steer the evolution of the Organisation to focus on the effective Management of Programmes & Projects

Strategic/Organizational Project Management is a Strategy Execution Framework utilising, Programme and Project Management Practices in a Project Portfolio Environment, to Deliver Organizational Strategy leading to Enhanced Performance and a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Organizational Project Management promotes the Alignment of the Organization’s Strategic Objectives with the corresponding Programmes/Projects, to Realise the Organization’s Business Benefits.

  • This course will provide an excellent platform that will help you to enhance your current Project Organisational Environment
  • The Contents of the course will guide you to shape a specific Project Portfolio Management to Achieve Solid Organizational Project Management.
  • Achieve the organisation’s strategic business objectives by selecting the right projects for the right reasons
  • Enhance clear priorities across all projects in the portfolio and introduce a clear staging process for programmes/projects within the portfolio
  • Establish a clear understanding of resource capacity management
  • Understand PMO functions, roles and responsibilities and identify and respond to PMO implementation challenges


Claude Maley is Managing Director of Mit Consultants, a consultancy and education practice servicing international clients in Management of Change. He started his career as a Systems Engineer with IBM, after reading estate management and building construction at the London School of Building, and has held various management positions for international organisations and companies.

His functional management and consulting experience with major corporations such as ABB, Alcatel, Areva, BP, Cadbury Schweppes, Cartier, Caterpillar, Cisco, Ericsson, GE, Hewlett-Packard, IMS International, Motorola, Organon, Overseas Containers Limited, Pechiney, Renault Automobile, Siemens to name but a few, has spanned more than 40 years in engineering, production and manufacturing, distribution, transportation and marketing services sectors. This has exposed him to a variety of situations, which have all forged a deep understanding of the issues governing the Management of Change by Projects. In a professional career spanning 40 years, Claude Maley has held responsibility for a significant number of projects. These have involved internal organisational projects, and external commercial projects, ranging in duration from one month to five years, and in budget from $50k to $500m. Claude has also participated in many projects as team leader of sub-systems and on numerous occasions as an external advisor to the lead project manager.

Claude is a PMP® and professional speaker, instructor and lecturer in topics ranging from general organisational, programme and project management to sales and marketing, leadership and motivation. In the practice of his consulting and education profession he has worked with more than 80 different nationalities in more than 60 nations in all continents. Claude is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Author of the book “Project Management – Concepts, Methods & Techniques”, and educational courses and papers on business solutions, Management of Change by Projects, organisational management and leadership, Claude is Member of the International Project Management Association and the Project Management Institute.



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